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Described by some as a modern day Rennaisence Man Big LLou is equally at home on the stage as he is behind the camera or microphone.  Born on the west side of Chicago he first fell in love with broadcasting after reporting high school news at Chicago's legendary WVON radio. Upon graduation he enrolled in Columbia College and honed his skills in broadcast journalism.

But instead of seeking employment in his chosen field he was encouraged to start a talent agency, representing actors, models and musicians.  Although successful, running a talent agency had ran it's course for LLou and after 15 years he sold the agency and became talent himself.  It's during this time that he formed the gospel group "Phava" which was a spin-off of the Rodney Lewis hit, internationally toured stage play "A Piece of My Soul".  He also performed with the Oak Park Concert Chorale under the direction of Dr. Victor G. Hildner & Paul Lindblad. 

His first advertising project - writing, producing and voicing tv and radio spots for  the legendary Vince Cullers Advertising. in Chicago.  Ad man by day, LLou started working the local theaters at night.  He was also one of the first in Chicago to install a home ISDN voice over studio. This lead to him becoming the celebrity voice of BB King's Bluesville on Sirius Satellite XM radio where he's heard by over 2 million subscribers.

It's because of this association with then Program Director Bill Wax that Big LLou released his first solo blues effort...."They Call Me Big LLou"  produced by Chicago  harmonica man "Russ Green".  The album  received critical acclaim, coming in at #6 on Amazon's "Hot New Blues Releases" and the title track reached #3 on "B.B. King's Bluesville Picks to Click." The Chicago Blues Guide described Big Llou's debut effort as "Bringing Sexy Back to the Blues," adding that "listening to the smooth and sultry bass voice of Big Llou Johnson is akin to eating chocolate -- just one taste leaves you craving more."  The album won the prestigious "Blues Music Award" for Best New Artist Debut.  An event which LLou was host of, twice!

Shortly after winning the award, BIg LLou moved to Hollywood on the strength of being chosen by George Lucas for a singing role in his animated feature "Strange Magic".  Soon after the release of that film, prolific tv producer "Chuck Lorre" chose him to voice a unique role in his hit comedy show MOM on CBS.

From appearing in roles for iconic films like Barbershop and many more to producing his own award winning blues CD, working for the biggest names in Hollywood or hosting marquee music events,  Big LLou's bigger than life personality and deep signature voice is at home in any medium.. anywhere!

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